Identity Diet Solutions

Identity Diet offers a unique identity theft protection framework and solution for everyone. This page lists some available resources.

book (1)Book

You can order the Identity Diet book from one of three sources:

  1. Order the Identity Diet e-Book ($6.95)
  2. Order the book from
  3. Preview & Order From the Publisher




Identity Theft Protection Video Course

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Education & Training



If you have an event and would like to increase the identity theft awareness of your audience and educate them about identity theft protection, you can invite the author of Identity Diet as an expert identity theft speaker to your event. Contact Henry using this form.

Identity Theft Seminars

The Identity Diet seminars are designed to help consumers and employees learn about identity theft threats, identity protection practices and automated solutions. The Identity Diet seminars combine awareness lectures as well as mind stimulating examples to effectively increase an individual’s understanding of the identity theft risks and best practices in a very short period of time.

Identity Theft Workshops

The Identity Diet workshops are interactive and combine the identity protection theories with practical exercises to help attendees develop their unique Identity Diet plans.

Educational Materials

You may also order educational materials such as videos and PowerPoint presentations if you prefer to conduct your own training using in-house resources.

Whether you need to engage an identity theft speaker or simply need more information about Identity Diet seminars, workshops or educational and marketing materials, please contact us.