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Henry Bagdasarian

Henry Bagdasarian is the author of Identity Diet and an expert in identity theft management who has created many industry terms and solutions including the Identity Obesity concept and Identity KAOS principles. He has a well known identity theft blog at www.identity-theft-awareness.com where he has published hundreds of articles. He is also the Founder of Identity Management Institute which is the leading international organization offering registered identity management certifications to global professional members.

Henry has helped many global organizations and individuals with their identity theft challenges by raising awareness through speaking engagements, training, and advisory services. He has been interviewed by many media outlets about his philosophy outlined in the Identity Diet book and has presented his identity theft management concepts and solutions to large groups. He has held Chief Information Security and Privacy Officer positions in major companies. His professional profile can be found at LinkedIn.

Henry believes that each identity presents a unique set of identity theft risks, which require a unique plan for protection. While there is not a single solution in the market to fully and independently protect an identity against theft and fraud, the majority of market solutions are also mainly focused on monitoring a consumer’s identity to detect credit fraud. Identity monitoring or even worse just credit monitoring is not sufficient to protect an identity against fraud. Not only the act of monitoring is primarily useful for fraud detection rather than fraud prevention, limited monitoring such as credit monitoring will not detect all frauds. Yet, when concerned with identity theft, consumers rush to sign up for an identity theft service without understanding their responsibilities or the service features and benefits, which is why the awareness and education offered by Identity Diet become increasingly important.

To further inquire regarding the Identity Diet program, identity theft training seminars, or to engage an identity theft speaker, please contact Henry.


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To address the rising identity theft risks and identity obesity which is caused by excessive collection, retention and sharing of personal information as well as lack of adequate identity protection practices, we must realize that our unique individual actions (or inaction) expose us to identity theft risks which must be addressed with a customized identity protection plan. Identity Diet educates individuals to develop their unique identity theft protection plans in three steps:

First, specific information about each person must be collected with a self-discovery questionnaire. Each identity consists of various exploitable identity components or personal information which if mismanaged can lead to identity theft.

Next, the collected information must be analyzed to identify each person’s unique identity theft risks.

Lastly, practical solutions must be identified to create the Identity Diet plan and reduce a person’s identity theft risks. The plan must provide specific and actionable steps to prevent identity theft and detect identity fraud. The final solutions must always take into consideration the latest laws pertaining to consumer privacy rights, new threats, and available third party services and products such as automated monitoring which may seem confusing and overlapping at times.

“We need to apply best identity management practices in our daily habits when managing personal information and take advantage of automated and integrated market solutions in order to prevent identity theft and detect identity fraud as much as possible and on a timely basis.” (Henry Bagdasarian)